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I enjoy working with young adults, adults, and the geriatric population. I assist clients in managing their depression, anxiety, and traumas. I also work to address client issues around relationship and family concerns, identity, life transitions, and immigration and acculturation needs. My training in the multicultural program greatly informs my work, and I think of the individual in context, as I develop client treatment plans.

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A Happier, Healthier You

Each individual comes with a particular history, a social identity, and DNA that makes them unique. In our time together we will work to understand what makes you tick, and what will make you tick optimally and help you make the changes needed to meet your personal goals


Working it out

Being a couple in these busy times can be stressful and sometimes love is not enough to make it through difficult patches. Communication and understanding are essential to make relationships work. In couples’ therapy you will learn to understand your own needs and those of your partner to allow for a joyous relationship.


We Are All in This Together

 Families go through multiple transitions over the years. Starting a family, blending families, generational differences, differences in levels of acculturation for immigrant families, young children becoming adults, parents growing older – each of these transitions can be made smoother with some help. In family therapy we can tackle these, and other unique challenges your family may be facing.

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